Erica Rivera


Erica Rivera is a board member at large. Her obedience led her to attend a New Heart of Texas Rachel Vineyard’s retreat in 2016 as a training for the Pregnancy Health Center, where she was a PHC coordinator. Erica has held various leadership roles at her local church by being involved in local and international missions, children’s ministry, small groups and intercessory prayer. Her passion for international and local missions opened the door for her to serve as a missions coordinator where she played a key role in serving her local community. Erica was born and raised in El Salvador, but when she came to the United States, she fell in love with its beauty and its people.  Her heart’s desire is to help lead people from all walks of life in finding true healing and freedom. Erica is currently working in the oil and gas industry and brings with her years of leadership and business experience. She has also served on the New Heart of Texas prayer team.