Grief To Grace Testimonies

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Here are some quotes from participants who have experienced the healing power of this life changing retreat.

“Something very real and profound happened for me because of the retreat. It hasn’t even been 2 full weeks and I feel like a completely different person. Messes don’t bother me anymore. – I can enjoy the present moment!”

“It was the first time I was able to sit with other people who had experienced similar abuse and feel safe to talk about my past. During the anger exercise, I was given a safe place to express anger that I never allowed myself to feel.”

“I had held on to so many traumatic memories that I could never express and kept replaying them in my mind or in my dreams. Grief to Grace allowed me to leave those memories at the foot of the cross and I have never slept more peacefully after letting go of those memories.”

“I kept my feelings of shame and inadequacies bottled up for years and by the end of this retreat I experienced an overwhelming sense of peace, freedom and abundant grace.”

“I came to this retreat with huge walls around me and the belief that no one could help me through my feelings of guilt, shame and withdrawal from intimate relationships. By the end of the retreat, my walls came down and I embraced the love and acceptance that I received from everyone on the retreat.”

“I was amazed at the ability of the group to minister to each other and deal with situations that arose by showing compassion, understanding and acceptance. I have never seen a group come together like that in my whole life and even after the retreat we still communicate regularly and encourage each other.”

“I am excited about serving on New Heart of Texas Ministries Grief to Grace Retreat so I can give back and help others to receive the hope and healing that I experienced.”

“My husband came to the retreat with his head down, looking hurt and uncomfortable. He left with his head held high, a big smile on his face, renewed energy and confidence and a desire to serve on a future retreat to help other men.”