Rachel’s Vineyard Testimonials

Here are some quotes from participants who have experienced the healing power of this life-changing retreat.

“A place of healing.”

“This retreat was completely filled with God’s love. It’s a place where I was understood and there was no judgment. I’ve never felt so loved and accepted as I did on this retreat. It’s a place where healing occurs, where God moves, and freedom happens.”

“You can’t mean me.”

“If you are reading this I’m sure you are thinking “I don’t need to go to an Abortion Recovery Retreat, “the Lord has forgiven me”, “I don’t think about it anymore” or “I have been delivered from the past!” And all this may be true for you as it was for me. But, when I was told that it was more than just Abortion, I received a revelation. I was told that men sometimes attend and others have been blessed in their marriages from the retreat. And so I was able to have a open heart about attending. Rachel’s Vineyard retreat was an amazing experience! An event that will never be forgotten. I am so glad I was able to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to me during that time and deal with inside issues, that sometimes just need to be expressed. In addition, I met awesome men and woman of God, who were genuinely real with themselves and God, people who had gone through many trials and tribulations and wanted to be free and didn’t mind sharing it. We had a wonderful support group. The Lord allowed me to see Jesus’ love manifested through the staff and all the participates while at the retreat, from the letter in the mail to the time we departed. With that being said, I know you have many apprehensions, know that you are not alone, there are others you will meet that have the same feelings. But, know that God wants to give us life more abundantly! He wants us to heal correctly, leaving no room for the enemy nor his tactics to have a toe hold in us.”


“A call to ministry.”

“I had an abortion when I was 16 years old. It was the only choice given to me at the time. Afterwards, I shoved it down and locked it away. It wasn’t until after I attended the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat that I realized how much healing I needed. I’m so glad I went! It changed my life forever! After my retreat I felt called to this ministry. I trained for and began leading Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats in Texas. Shortly after that, I moved to Germany and started a Rachel’s Vineyard Site for the military and English-speaking people. There are plans to extend the retreats into military communities in Korea and possibly Japan as well. It’s amazing what God can do with a broken, messed-up life if we only surrender it to Him.”


“Breaking down the walls of silence.”

“My husband and I chose abortion when I was 25 years old.  We totally buried it deep within our souls for 32 years – telling NOBODY and NEVER discussing it amongst ourselves!   Attending a Rachel’s Vineyard weekend was one of the best things we could have ever done for our marriage.  After all this time, we were finally able to talk, share, and break down the walls of silence and honor and grieve for the baby we aborted.  God was with us through the entire weekend.  We will be forever grateful to this ministry and the team who dedicated so much time, love and compassion to our healing. We no longer carry around our shame, guilt and deceit–but only God’s unfailing love and forgiveness, as well as forgiveness of ourselves.   It was a beautiful, God-filled weekend allowing us to go forth with renewed hope…and…a ‘new heart and a new spirit’.   Don’t wait 32 years to begin your healing!”


“Tears of joy.”

“After my Rachel’s Vineyard retreat I took time to reflect on my weekend. I am not a crier, but the tears of joy, peace, and freedom flowed as I thanked God for His healing grace and mercy!”

“I came to support my wife.”

“This retreat for me was surprisingly needed. I came to support my wife and left feeling blessed and delivered. I found out that God wanted me to heal from the same trauma that my wife experienced. Before Rachel’s Vineyard, we only discussed this issue briefly. While at the retreat I learned she had lost two children to abortions and so did I. We were able to deal with everything together. God is Powerful!”


“Blessed mightily.”

“This retreat has been a wonderful experience. Every little detail has not been overlooked. The welcome bag & letter, the warm welcoming team, the delicious and thoughtful food and hospitality. I felt so loved on and pampered. Everyone has been so kind and gentle. I love that it is open to family and not just the women who suffered the abortion. The Lord blessed me mightily and ministered to me through this Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat. I am in amazement that all of this is free of charge to the participants. Thank you New Heart of Texas for gifting me with this wonderful retreat.”



“As a pastor and team member of the retreat I find Rachel’s Vineyard to be a healing place where God reaches deep inside…removes the reverberating condemnation, endless hurts and crippling pain and creates a reservoir of grace “greater than our sins.” I have witnessed many miracles in my life but none so freeing as I witnessed at Rachel’s Vineyard. The Spirit of God just moves in and does a wonderful work in each person’s life. I have seen the faces of bitterness turned into radiant smiles in just a few days. Burdens are truly lifted and lives are transformed with God’s mercy and grace.  For most, the joy is so powerful that the light fills their eyes and floods the place. The exercises work hand-and-hand with God’s healing.  A new life emerges during the sessions as God peals back the hidden hurts and puts His arms around them…one-by-one.”