Grief to Grace

Grief to Grace – Healing the Wounds of Abuse, is an internationally recognized spiritual and psychological journey offered to anyone who is suffering from the violation, trauma, degradation and lasting effects of sexual, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse.

Have you endured sexual abuse, rape, incest, neglect or other abusive acts in childhood, adolescence, or as an adult?

Have you suffered abuse at the hands of a spiritual leader, minister, or member of the clergy?

Grief to Grace is a process for helping victims of abuse to discover spiritual healing and transformation. It was created to end the isolation and secret pain and suffering of abuse victims within a supportive and confidential retreat setting.

The program is led by a professionally trained team and is based on a strong Christian foundation and solid psychological principles. Participants will embark upon a 5-day restorative journey of faith to find healing through the Living Scriptures, journaling, group activities, and therapeutic counseling.

It is a pilgrimage- meant to stop the emotional chaos of abuse, find a new beginning through Christ and in so doing, replace the suffering with a life capable of love and happiness that was lost as a victim of abuse.

New Heart of Texas Grief to Grace Retreats

New Heart of Texas holds its retreats at a confidential location, in a scenic and serene environment.  Each participant will have her/his own private room and all meals will be provided taking into account food allergies, etc.

A professionally trained staff will be waiting to welcome you and guide you on your journey to overcome the pain and grief of abuse. Come experience the safety, wholeness, joy, peace and blessings that are missing from your life at our Grief to Grace Retreat. Rekindle the spiritual fire within your heart and reclaim your inheritance as daughters and sons of God.

Interested in Attending?

Contact us today if you are interested in attending our upcoming Grief to Grace Retreat or would like more information.

Grief to Grace presents “Healing the Family from the Trauma of Abuse.” Have you suffered abuse and want to be healed? Do you have a friend, co-worker, or relative who has experienced trauma and wonder, “What can I do?”.

Symptoms of Abuse

We typically associate sexual abuse with rape by an unknown assailant however in many cases such abuse occurs in the home by someone who is known by the victim such as a family member, significant other or friend.

Many who have experienced sexual or physical abuse either cover it up or keep it a dark secret. The victims often feel conflicting emotions. They may feel shame and guilt or feel that they somehow encouraged or deserved what happened to them.

Victims carry the scars of abuse. Severe depression, suicidal thoughts or attempts, betrayal, self-loathing, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, fits of crying, nightmares, substance abuse, promiscuity and/or withdrawal from intimate relationships are all signs or symptoms of abuse.

Prayer Vigil For Grief to Grace Retreats

Prayer is an integral part of everything we do at New Heart of Texas. We are seeking prayer warriors to commit to pray for specific hours during our upcoming retreat. Prayers are needed for hearts to be open to the Holy Spirit’s healing touch, circumstances surrounding those in attendance, travel mercies, protection, wisdom for leadership, and for the family members of all those involved. If you can dedicate time to pray during our upcoming retreat please sign up. Your faithfulness means so much to us! Two weeks prior to each retreat we will post a Prayer Vigil Sign-up sheet so that our prayer warriors, like yourself,  can intercede for us.



What Our Attendees Say

Here are some quotes from participants who have experienced the healing power of this life-changing retreat.

“His head held high.”

“My husband came to the retreat with his head down, looking hurt and uncomfortable. He left with his head held high, a big smile on his face, renewed energy and confidence and a desire to serve on a future retreat to help other men.”

“I can give back.”

“I am excited about serving on New Heart of Texas Ministries Grief to Grace Retreat so I can give back and help others to receive the hope and healing that I experienced.”

“Encourage each other.”

“I was amazed at the ability of the group to minister to each other and deal with situations that arose by showing compassion, understanding and acceptance. I have never seen a group come together like that in my whole life and even after the retreat we still communicate regularly and encourage each other.”

“Walls came down.”

“I came to this retreat with huge walls around me and the belief that no one could help me through my feelings of guilt, shame and withdrawal from intimate relationships. By the end of the retreat, my walls came down and I embraced the love and acceptance that I received from everyone on the retreat.”